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Why Choose Polygon Solutions as your Rotary Broach Tool Manufacturer?

5 Star AwardPolygon Solutions specializes in rotary broaching or wobble broaching tools for CNC lathes, mills and screw machines. Our continuous effort is to develop cutting edge products and technical support for our customers. Your technical support issues will be addressed by actual machinists and engineers, not salespeople! Our commitment to quality comes first in everything we do, from standard hexagon broach tools to the latest in broach holder technology. No matter what industry you work in, from medical devices to aerospace fasteners, we are dedicated to being the best solution when looking for rotary broaching tools.

Our product line includes hex, square, 6-lobe or torx-style, double hex, serration, involute, spline, spur gear, J500 and micro rotary broaches. Many other polygon shapes can be manufactured per your specification. Our precision rotary broach tools are made from hardened M-2 High Speed Steel but may also be order with PM M-4, M-42 and PM T-15 High Speed Steel. Coatings such as TiN, TiAN & TiCN are also available on any of our cutting tools. To request a quote on a special form rotary broach tool please fill out our Request Quote Form. Click here to view an online Catalog of cutting tools and tool holders manufactured by Polygon Solutions, Inc.

If you are new to rotary broaching please read our article How Rotary Broaching Works? If you have any question about the rotary broach process and how it may be applied as a solution to your manufacturing needs please call 239-628-4800.


How Rotary Broaching Works Video

Rotary Broaching is a precision method for producing internal polygon forms at an extremely fast rate. The entire operation can be completed within seconds and can produce forms to 0.0005″ accuracy or better.

    Rotary BroachesPolygon Solutions’ innovative and award winning Rotary Broaching tools are used by a variety of precision machining companies. Because the rotary broach holder will work on virtually any lathe, mill, or turning machine, a large number of applications can be improved by eliminating secondary operations and creating broached forms. The Medical, Aerospace, Automotive, Plumbing and Fastener industries benefit significantly from the use of rotary broaching tools.

    Rotary Broaching Medical Bone ScrewsRotary broaching has numerous uses in the Medical Industry including bone screw and implant applications with hexagon, Torx® style, six-lobe or hexalobular drive features. Due to the demanding nature of the medical field for reliability in surgical procedures, machining standards for surgical equipment tend to be very precise compared to other similar size and material metal parts.

    Various grades of stainless steel, titanium and other exotic and experimental materials are used to make these bone screws and implant fasteners. Rotary Broaching makes an easy job of putting a shape in the head of a bone screw made with such materials. The rotary broach tool holder is designed for use in all modern turning machines. Read More on Rotary Broaching in the Medical Industry

    Rotary Broaching Aerospace Fastener

    Rotary broaching uses the full force of standard turning machines to create polygon shaped holes. These holes are manufactured in precision machined metal products. The aerospace industry has unique needs for customized, lightweight, precise and high-strength fastener products. This need makes the rotary broaching tool an excellent addition to any aerospace machining facility. Rotary broaches are available with standard hexagon, square and custom made shapes.

    Typical screws, bolts and other fasteners are made in mass production processes. Stamping or cold heading the form into the end of the part makes financial sense. However, in the case of smaller production needs, or prototype products, cold heading resources are not available. Since the rotary broaching tool holder is practical for use on any CNC, lathe or milling machine, it is the ideal tool for such work. Read more on Rotary Broaching in the Aerospace Industry

    Rotary Broaching in Automotive Industry

    The main advantage of a rotary broaching operation is that processes can be completed on the machine where the part is first turned or milled. This eliminates subsequent operations and results in savings of time and money. Automotive suppliers intent on reducing costs due to fierce competition may reverse engineer some part features to take advantage of this machining technique.

    Besides typical hexagon, square and Torx-style blind holes, rotary broaching is also popular for creating serrations and splines (including involute splines). These gear shapes are broached into bolts, drivers, linkage, shafts and other parts where cold heading, stamping or other machining methods are not possible, practical or cost effective. Rotary broaching is a very fast and accurate method of creating small polygon, star and gear shaped forms. Read more on Rotary Broaching in the Automotive Industry

    Rotary Broaching in Plumbing Industry

    The plumbing industry’s use of brass parts for hydraulic, pneumatic, and liquid transfer makes rotary broaching a popular option for machining. Hexagon and square holes can easily be created in brass with standard rotary broaching tools.High volume machines, such as CNC and screw machines, can economically use these tools to create thousands of parts per broach. Read more on Rotary Broaching in the Plumbing Industry

    Rotary Broaching in Fastener Industry

    Most fasteners are screws, nails, staples and other retaining devices used to hold mechanical pieces or materials together. Most are mass produced in very high volume processes requiring little customizing or precision. The need for precision fasteners does exist however, and these are the parts that can benefit from rotary broaching tools.

    A wide variety of industries require precision made fasteners. The medical industry uses bone screws and other fixation devices that are often held to very high standards for good reason. No one wants to hear that a screw stripped while tightening it into the femur, especially the patient. Hardware manufacturers make specialty handles and hinges requiring screws of various lengths and visual appearance. Aerospace fasteners may be fabricated from exotic lightweight and high strength materials. Brass plumbing screws may be customized for strength, length, flow and visual appearance. Read more on Rotary Broaching in the Fastener Industry

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