These basic hexagon rotary broaches are Made in the USA by Polygon Solutions Inc. for inventive machinists in home workshop, prototype and other non-production settings. Basic rotary broach cutting tools are made from high quality M-2 high speed steel with a practical +/-.001″ across flat form tolerance that meet the ASME B18.3-2003 standard for Hexagon Sockets. The broaches feature a 8mm shank diameter and 1.25” overall length to fit the most common brands of rotary broach tool holders. The rake angle and depth of cut make Polygon’s broaches the perfect choice for machining small blind and through holes.

8mm Shank Diameter x 1-1/4″ Overall Length
Basic broaches do not include Polygon's pressure relief hole and
cannot be made to custom dimensions or ordered with material or coating options.

Nominal Size (Inches) Across Flats (A) Broaching Depth (B) Part # Price Order
1/8″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .126 .252 H0126A $39.00
1/8 hex rotary broach
9/64″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .142 .284 H0142A $39.00
9/64 hex rotary broach
5/32″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .157 .314 H0157A $39.00
5/32 hex rotary broach
3/16″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .189 .378 H0189A $39.00
3/16 hex rotary broach
7/32″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .220 .440 H0220A $39.00
7/32 hex rotary broach
1/4″ Hexagon Rotary Broach .252 .504 H0252A $39.00
1/4 hex rotary broach

Metric Size Basic Hexagon Rotary Broaches

Nominal Size (Metric) Across Flats (A) Broaching Depth (B) Part # Price Order
3mm Hexagon Rotary Broach .120 .240 H0120A $39.00
3mm hex rotary broach
4mm Hexagon Rotary Broach .160 .320 H0160A $39.00
4mm hex rotary broach
5mm Hexagon Rotary Broach .199 .398 H0199A $39.00
5mm hex rotary broach
6mm Hexagon Rotary Broach .239 .478 H0239A $39.00
6mm hex rotary broach