Polygon Solutions GT Series Rotary Broach Holder


Before you order a rotary broaching tool holder, consider some of the valuable benefits and options available with Polygon Solution’s GT Series Rotary Broach Tool Holder:

Shank Size

The GT Series is available with (10) different shank sizes to fit nearly every machine. Half of the sizes are inch dimensions, and the other half are metric. If the size you need is not available, please call to discuss custom shank options. Polygon Solutions is committed to quality and customer satisfaction.

Spindle Size

Two different spindles are available. If you are already buying industry standard 1.25” overall length 8mm shank broaches, order the -A option broach holder. This spindle is also ideal if the majority of forms you are broaching are smaller than 1/4″ hex or .315” major diameter. Because the broaches are smaller, they also tend to be less expensive than larger broaches.

The larger industry standard 1.75” overall length .500” shank broaches fit into the -B option holder. This is the largest broach the GT Series holder can accept. The .500” shank broaches are available in the widest variety of broach forms and sizes. Forms larger than the shank diameters are available for both 8mm and .500” broaches.

Pressure Relief Hole

Polygon Solution’s rotary broaching tools are designed to reduce pressure on the machining operation. The benefits of the pressure relief hole are numerous, beginning with the reduction of hydraulic-type pressure. Air and fluid are allowed to escape through the hole in the broach and the holder. Thus stress is reduced on the work piece, the cutting tool, the tool holder and the machine. This may lead to improved part finish, longer tool life, longer bearing life and longer machine tool life. Maintenance and failure modes are also affected by reduced pressure, saving time and money.

Adjustment Free

Younger machine operators and experienced set-up personnel will enjoy the plug-and-play style design of the holder. Adjustment and floating heads are not part of the GT Series tool holder, reducing set-up time and possible errors. Changing out the broaches is also easy, simply the loosening and tightening of a simple set screw. Enough end-play is built into the tool holder to compensate for minor alignment issues.


Components of the Polygon Solutions broach holder are made of shock resistant steel and high quality FAG brand bearings from Schaeffler Group. These sealed bearings are designed for extended life and can be replaced or repaired at our facility.

Gold Color

Let’s face it, our broach holder stands out and is easy to find during the machining process.

To learn more, please see our Broach Tool Holder page,

or contact Polygon Solutions at (239) 628-4800.