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Improved Process for Medical Implant Broaching

Polygon Solutions Inc. – Fort Myers, Fla.  – Innovation in orthopedic medical implants continues to improve. As a result, manufacturing processes required to make those parts are adapting. Polygon Solutions Inc. manufactures rotary broach cutting tools for the precision machining industry, and is expanding their product line to include innovative tools used for machining […]

Broaching 3/4″ Square in Aluminum

Rotary broaching is ideal for making small polygon shaped forms in soft metals. Soft metals include brass, aluminum and mild steel. Polygon Solution’s standard catalog includes hex broaches 3/8″ and smaller, and square broaches 8mm and smaller. But what if you need to broach a form larger than these sizes, such as the 3/4″ […]

Why not Rotary Broaching?

Read the new article by Matthew Jaster, Associate Editor, Gear Technology Magazine…

Why not Rotary Broaching?

Rotary Broaching Twist or Spiral

Does your rotary broached hole look to small? Sometimes a twist or spiral may result in the form from drag on the broach relief angle. Some solutions to correct this might be:

1. Redesign the broach.

2. Reverse spindle direction part-way through the hole.

3. Use an alignment fixture. (shown below)

Hexagon Rotary Broach Tools

The latest article from Polygon Solutions Inc. on ThomasNet is about Hexagon Rotary Broach Tools. This is a great article to read for beginners who want to learn more about what type of hex broach tools they may need to specify or order.

Broaching article in Today’s Machining World

Today’s Machining World published an article today about hex broaching and bone screws.

Typical Pre-Drill Pilot Hole Sizes for Rotary Broaching

When Rotary Broaching a part a pre-drill pilot hole is required.  The typical pilot hole should be pre-drilled 3% lager than the “across the flats” dimension of the Rotary Broach.  For example, if you are using a 1/4″ Hexagon Rotary Broach the across the flats dimension is .2525 and therefore your typical pre-drill dimension would be .260.  […]