Rotary Broach Tools

External Rotary Broach Tools

Polygon Solutions will soon be adding a new turning product to the catalog; External Rotary Broach Tools. These external rotary broach tools can be used to manufacture external precision forms when machining the ends of turned metal products.

Standard external rotary broaches fit into Polygon Solution’s GT Series Rotary Broach Holders. The .500″ broach shank fits into the tool […]

What is a Wobble Broach?

The historic account that says Adam was given the job to name the animals is interesting. From all I know, he and others went with their gut, and named things based on what they looked like. Hence the names: ‘fly’, ‘bluebird’, ‘wolly mammoth’. The story of the wobble broach’s name is the same. Its one more thing based on […]

Best Practices When Ordering Wobble or Rotary Broach Cutting Tools

Explaining about different types of rotary broach cutting tools and their commercial applications, this paper details the selection criteria for a company while choosing rotary broach cutting tools. It includes a comparison between steel broaches and carbide broaches. The paper advises companies about the benefits of ordering a customized broach. Different types of customization […]

Can a Rotary Broach be a Punch Broach?

Double Square Rotary / Punch Broach 

Although many small form applications are well suited for rotary broaching, there are times you may decide to use the broach as a punch. Some precision machine operations will be improved with this method, because the possibility of a twist or spiral in the form created when rotary broaching will be eliminated.

The greatest […]

Rotary Broaching for Swiss Machines

The irony in manufacturing small parts is that smaller does not always mean simpler. In general, when you have a smaller quantity or size of something, it is easier to handle, or easier to count. However, manufacturing small metal parts is anything but simple. Even the part numbers can become quite complicated.

Manufacturing small metal […]

Rotary Broach Tools for Serrations

Rotary Broaching is a popular method for creating hexagon and square holes in metal parts. The same tooling can be used for created serration forms, such SAE, Rosan style, J500, and ANSI standard involute splines. When considering rotary broaching as an option for producing serrated forms consider these factors.

1. Tooth Height. Half of the […]

Hexalobular Torx Style Rotary Broaches

Six-Lobe Broach and Sample Parts

Creating a six-lobe form in fasteners and other driven parts is ideal due to the high amount of contact between the tool and the part. The six-lobe form has many names. The most popular version is a trademarked type know as Torx®. However, additional varieties found in the marketplace are known generically […]