Broaching Tips

Squares are not bad

If you’re used to rotary broaching hexagon forms, the idea of broaching squares may seem fairly straightforward. However, due to the smaller number of corners and larger corner-to-corner dimension, broaching squares does have some challenges. Here’s a couple ideas that make broaching squares easier:

1. Larger pilot hole diameter

When broaching hexagons, we recommend using a 3% […]

Rotary Broaching Basics

If you’re new to rotary broaching and just want to know the basics, keep these few points in mind:

1. Chamfer to the sharp corners of the broach

2. Oversize pilot hole (3% for hexagons, 10% for squares)

3. Leave room for chips in the bottom of the hole


These suggestions also apply to rotary broaching stainless steel:

1. […]

2013 Transformation Award Finalist Polygon Solutions Inc.

The Southwest Florida Regional Technology Partnership announced finalists today for its Transformation and Savvis Direct Innovention Awards to be presented at the Fifth Annual SWFRTP Awards Gala Wednesday, March 20 in Fort Myers.

The Transformation Award is for an organization or business that is achieving success through application or implementation of IT to overcome a business […]

Rotary Broaching Stainless Steel

Rotary broaching a 3/8″ Hex in 416 Stainless Steel using a Haas TL-25 lathe and Polygon Solutions GT Rotary Broaching Tool Holder.
It is possible to rotary broach stainless steel but you will need to choose the correct broach material. For 300 series such as 303 or 304 stainless steel we recommend PM M-4 […]

3-in-1 Lean Manufacturing Rotary Broach Form Drill

Polygon Solution’s innovative rotary broach form drill brings lean manufacturing to hexagon and square hole manufacturing.

Fort Myers, FL – Polygon Solution’s Rotary Broach Form Drill is a new tool used to improve manufacturing processes used in rotary broaching. Rotary broaching is a machining technique used to create hexagon and square holes in metals and […]

Rotary Broach for Nylon

This YouTube video shows 10mm hex being machined in Nylon. Typical speeds, feeds and part preparation can be used. Rotary broaching is ideal for aluminum, brass and mild steel but can also be used for various plastic materials and nylon.

Broaching 3/4″ Square in Aluminum

Rotary broaching is ideal for making small polygon shaped forms in soft metals. Soft metals include brass, aluminum and mild steel. Polygon Solution’s standard catalog includes hex broaches 3/8″ and smaller, and square broaches 8mm and smaller. But what if you need to broach a form larger than these sizes, such as the 3/4″ […]

Rotary Broach in a Vertical Machining Center

This video demonstrates rotary broaching in a vertical machining center.

Best Practices When Ordering Wobble or Rotary Broach Cutting Tools

Explaining about different types of rotary broach cutting tools and their commercial applications, this paper details the selection criteria for a company while choosing rotary broach cutting tools. It includes a comparison between steel broaches and carbide broaches. The paper advises companies about the benefits of ordering a customized broach. Different types of customization […]

Rotary Broaching for Swiss Machines

The irony in manufacturing small parts is that smaller does not always mean simpler. In general, when you have a smaller quantity or size of something, it is easier to handle, or easier to count. However, manufacturing small metal parts is anything but simple. Even the part numbers can become quite complicated.

Manufacturing small metal […]