Broaching Tips

Rotary Broach Tools for Serrations

Rotary Broaching is a popular method for creating hexagon and square holes in metal parts. The same tooling can be used for created serration forms, such SAE, Rosan style, J500, and ANSI standard involute splines. When considering rotary broaching as an option for producing serrated forms consider these factors.

1. Tooth Height. Half of the […]

Typical Pre-Drill Pilot Hole Sizes for Rotary Broaching

When Rotary Broaching a part a pre-drill pilot hole is required.  The typical pilot hole should be pre-drilled 3% lager than the “across the flats” dimension of the Rotary Broach.  For example, if you are using a 1/4″ Hexagon Rotary Broach the across the flats dimension is .2525 and therefore your typical pre-drill dimension would be .260.  […]

Maximum Rotary Broaching Depth

How Deep Can I Broach a Hole using a Rotary Broach Tool?

This is one of the most common questions that we receive.  The standard answer is that you can broach a form 2 times the dimension across the flats of the rotary broach.  For example a 3/16″ Hexagon Rotary Broach can broach a depth […]