Rotary Broaching

New Rotary Broach Kit Helps Machine Shops Improve Productivity

Polygon Solutions Inc. manufactures rotary broach tools used for making hexagon shaped holes in bone screws and other precision machined products. Rotary broaching requires two components, a broach holder and a rotary broach. The company’s latest product is an ‘all in one’ kit, improving productivity by featuring the holder and broaches needed to machine […]

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Rotary Broach Guide to Align Square Holes

Rotary Broaching Stainless Steel

Rotary broaching a 3/8″ Hex in 416 Stainless Steel using a Haas TL-25 lathe and Polygon Solutions GT Rotary Broaching Tool Holder.
It is possible to rotary broach stainless steel but you will need to choose the correct broach material. For 300 series such as 303 or 304 stainless steel we recommend PM M-4 […]

Rotary Broaching a 3/8″ Hexagon in 6061 Aluminum

A 3/8″ hex pocket being broached in 6061-T6 on a 1992 Hardinge Conquest 42.

Rotary Broaching Gear Shapes

Polygon Solutions Inc. continues to expand the variety of rotary broaches it is manufacturing. This gear shaped rotary broach can be used to make holes with the matching form using a lathe or mill. Common methods of hole preparation include using an oversize pilot hole to create individual chips at each tooth, or using small end mills […]

3-in-1 Lean Manufacturing Rotary Broach Form Drill

Polygon Solution’s innovative rotary broach form drill brings lean manufacturing to hexagon and square hole manufacturing.

Fort Myers, FL – Polygon Solution’s Rotary Broach Form Drill is a new tool used to improve manufacturing processes used in rotary broaching. Rotary broaching is a machining technique used to create hexagon and square holes in metals and […]

Broaching 3/4″ Square in Aluminum

Rotary broaching is ideal for making small polygon shaped forms in soft metals. Soft metals include brass, aluminum and mild steel. Polygon Solution’s standard catalog includes hex broaches 3/8″ and smaller, and square broaches 8mm and smaller. But what if you need to broach a form larger than these sizes, such as the 3/4″ […]

Rotary Broaching 416 Stainless Steel

We get a lot of questions about rotary broaching in stainless steel. This video shows broaching of a custom shoulder bolt with a 3/8″ Hex in 416SS. The machine is a Haas TL-25 lathe and uses Polygon Solution’s GT Rotary Broach Tool Holder.

Rotary broaching any type of stainless steel can be very challenging, but […]

Rotary Broach Manufacturers

Polygon Solutions Inc. is interested in helping you with all of your rotary broaching needs. The two main components of the rotary broaching process include rotary broaching tool holders and rotary broaches (also known as wobble broaches). If you are trying to identify the manufacturer or supplier of your rotary broaching tool holder or component, please […]