external rotary broach

1/4" Hexagon External Rotary Broach

Polygon Solutions will soon be adding a new turning product to the catalog; External Rotary Broach Tools. These external rotary broach tools can be used to manufacture external precision forms when machining the ends of turned metal products.

Standard external rotary broaches fit into Polygon Solution’s GT Series Rotary Broach Holders. The .500″ broach shank fits into the tool holder spindle, and is fastened into the spindle using a set screw. Polygon’s unique through hole feature in the tool holder insures that no hydraulic pressure will build up inside the broach during the broaching process.

Metric and Inch sizes will be available for the external broaches. Standard shapes will include hexagons and squares. Custom size hex and square broaches can also be ordered, along with special forms including serrations, splines and torx style shapes. The external rotary broach is the exact same tools as the external wobble broach.

All standard external broaches are made from M-2 high speed steel, but can be ugraded to premium PM M-4, M-42 or PM T-15 tool steel. Coatings and other standard rotary broach options are also available.