Polygon Solutions offers a wide variety of standard and custom external rotary broach tools. We design, manufacture and distribute quality external rotary broach tools in-house at our factory in Fort Myers, Florida so you can be confident that you are ordering factory direct. We have over 62 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and Polygons’ external rotary broach tools are guaranteed to be accurate. Our external broaches are precision made with a target tolerance of +0/-.0005.

We offer a large selection of:
Hex External Rotary Broaches
Square External Rotary Broaches
Torx External Rotary Broaches
Serration External Rotary Broaches
Involute External Rotary Broaches
Spline External Rotary Broaches
Double Hex External Rotary Broaches
Double Square External Rotary Broaches
Double Keyway External Rotary Broaches
Double D External Rotary Broaches
J500 External Rotary Broaches

Polygons’ external broaches fit our GT External Rotary Broach Tool Holder

For a quote please call 239-628-4800.