Polygon Solutions specializes in manufacturing standard and custom hexagon and square rotary broaching tools. Because we make these broaches daily, we offer very fast delivery of custom broaching tools. Hex and square broaches with special dimensions can be shipped the next day.

Polygon’s part numbers are also easy to customize. For example, a standard 1/4” hexagon rotary broach with 8mm shank has a finished dimension of .2525” +0/-.0005”. The part number is H02525A. If you need a .275” hexagon, simply change the part number to H02750A.

Custom sizes include various polygon shapes and other features. Although hexagons and squares are the most popular, Polygon Solutions also can make triangle, octagon, dodecagon and others. Polygon also offers fast delivery on special D and double D shapes.

Splines and serrations take a little longer, usually only one to two weeks for delivery. Some forms such as double hexagon and double squares can be delivered faster.