Hexalobular Go/NoGo Gages

Hex Go/No-Go GagesHexalobular Broach gages can be used to make sure that the size of the 6-lobed (hexalobular) hole has been machined properly. Unlike rotary broaches, hexalobular broach gages have no taper. Our gages are held to tight tolerances and can be made to custom shapes and sizes. We also offer internal and external hexalobular Go / NoGo Gages.

Polygon’s broach gages are made as GO and NOGO pairs. Each gage is designed to be held by hand and inserted into the hexalobular (6-lobed) hole. If the NOGO gage fits, then the hole is too large and the part fails inspection. If the GO gage fits, then the hole is the right size and the part will pass inspection. If the hole was too small the GO gage would not have fit inside.

Hexalobular Gages can also help to determine if there is too much twist in the form, a common troubleshooting feature of holes manufactured using the rotary broaching process. Our Hexalobular Broach gages are made of durable hardened M-2 tool steel. All gages come with handles featuring green caps on the GO gage side and red caps on the NOGO side.

Major and Minor Diameters Per ISO 10664 and Include Long Form Certification of Calibration.

To order please call us at 239-628-4800.

Torx-Type Internal Gage Size ISO Standard Part # Price Order
T-03 Gage Set ISO 10664 T03G $999.00
T-03 Torx Gage Set
T-04 Gage Set ISO 10664 T04G $999.00
T-04 Torx Gage Set
T-05 Gage Set ISO 10664 T05G $999.00
T-05 Torx Gage Set
T-06 Gage Set ISO 10664 T06G $899.00
T-06 Torx Gage Set
T-07 Gage Set ISO 10664 T07G $899.00
T-07 Torx Gage Set
T-08 Gage Set ISO 10664 T08G $899.00
T-08 Torx Gage Set
T-09 Gage Set ISO 10664 T09G $899.00
T-09 Torx Gage Set
T-10 Gage Set ISO 10664 T10G $799.00
T-10 Torx Gage Set
T-15 Gage Set ISO 10664 T15G $799.00
T-15 Torx Gage Set
T-20 Gage Set ISO 10664 T20G $799.00
T-20 Torx Gage Set
T-25 Gage Set ISO 10664 T25G $799.00
T-25 Torx Gage Set
T-27 Gage Set ISO 10664 T27G $799.00
T-27 Torx Gage Set
T-30 Gage Set ISO 10664 T30G $799.00
T-30 Torx Gage Set
T-40 Gage Set ISO 10664 T40G $899.00
T-40 Torx Gage Set
T-45  Gage Set ISO 10664 T45G $899.00
T-45 Torx Gage Set
T-50  Gage Set ISO 10664 T50G $899.00
T-50 Torx Gage Set
Torx-Style External Gage Size Part # Price
T-07 External Gage Set ET07G $999.00
T-08 External Gage Set ET08G $999.00
T-10 External Gage Set ET10G $999.00
T-15 External Gage Set ET15G $999.00
T-20 External Gage Set ET20G $999.00
T-25 External Gage Set ET25G $999.00
T-27 External Gage Set ET27G $999.00
T-30 External Gage Set ET30G $999.00
T-40 External Gage Set ET40G $999.00
T-45 External Gage Set ET45G $999.00
T-50 External Gage Set ET50G $999.00