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Polygon Solutions, Inc. is an ML100 Manufacturing Leadership Award Winner for Innovative Enterprise


ONE YEAR WARRANTY | Guaranteed Against Bearing Failure

Award-Winning Rotary Broach Tool HolderOne year warranty is available on all GT and Micro Rotary Broach Tool Holders from Polygon Solutions. We are the only company in the rotary broach industry confident enough in our tool holder to offer a full 1 year warranty against bearing failure. Bearing failure can easily occur when the operator forgets to grease the bearing, or the bearing components become contaminated. Polygon’s Rotary Broach Tool Holders are made with high quality FAG sealed bearings that protect the bearings from both issues. Additionally, the ease of use, maintenance and simple set-up make it the ideal holder for new and experienced operators alike.

Our Rotary Broach Holder features an air and fluid vent hole. When using Polygon Solution’s standard rotary broaches, air and fluid escapes through the vent hole in the broach and the holder, reducing pressure on the broaching operation, including stress on your machine. This Holder also features an advanced bearing design compared to older broach holders originally designed for the screw machine industry. The compact design reduces the tooling envelope, and is the most practical design for tight machining operations, including screw machines. Broaching standard size hex and square forms is possible due to the high quality bearings used by Polygon Solutions. Because the grease is sealed inside the bearings, regular greasing during the rotary broaching process is not necessary, saving you time and money.

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Generating accurate forms in popular Mini and Swiss CNC machines can be challenging due to the reduced envelope when compared to larger turning machines. Polygon’s Micro Broaching Tool Holder is specifically designed to address this issue, and extends less than 2” from the mounting block. The Micro broach holder has all of the GT Series’ award winning features, including pressure relief hole and maintenance free sealed bearings, but in a much smaller space. The smaller 1.05” diameter broaching head is designed to accept popular 8mm diameter by 28mm overall length rotary broaching tools, also available form Polygon Solutions. The Micro broach holder is suitable for broaching forms in the micro (or smaller than one-quarter inch) size. The Micro broach holder is already being used in Citizen, Star, Tsugami and milling machines.

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Do you need to machine an external form on the end of a shaft or bar? Polygon Solutions’ External Rotary Broach Tool Holder for external forms is ideal for machining accurate forms that have relatively small amounts of material removal per side. Hexagons, knurls and serrations are ideal forms for external rotary broaching. Pairing external and internal rotary broaching tools together allows you to easily manufacture mating parts and control the fit between them. Sizes are limited to about .600” major diameter and 1.1” length. Polygon’s modern rotary broaching cutting tools can be used on most lathes, mills, and CNC turning machines. Set up of the External Rotary Broach Tool Holder is fast and easy. The broaches are fixed length, and no adjustment or messy grease is required. Pre-turning the major diameter slightly undersize removes the sharp corners and reduces the pressure required for this type of machining, making it an ideal method of eliminating secondary operations.

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Polygon Solutions’ basic tool holder is designed for low volume and prototype broaching projects and is manufactured in the USA. The sealed bearing requires no greasing. The holder can be used for making internal hex, square and other polygon shape holes in your lathe, mill or other turning machine and eliminates secondary operations. Ideal materials for broaching are aluminum, brass and mild steel.

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Polygon Solutions’ Static Rotary Broach Holder is designed to hold rotary broach tools in a stationary position. The static rotary broach holder can be mounted into a punch press or milling machine for accurate, light duty pecking or punching operations.

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ADJUSTMENT-FREE | No set-up is required !

Polygon’s rotary broach holder does not require any adjustment and is designed with an easy plug-and-play feel. The fixed length broach is locked into the spindle with a simple set screw. The GT rotary broach holder is suitable for experienced machinists and new operators.

No machine is prefect, and many have slight misalignments between the part and the tool holders. Polygon’s innovative rotary broach holder is designed for this situation and has a small amount of endplay. The high quality bearing allows the broach to center itself in the chamfer before broaching the finished hole.