Rotary Broach Tools

Polygon Solutions offers a full line of internal rotary broach tools. We design, manufacture and distribute quality rotary broach tools in-house at our factory in Fort Myers, Florida so you can be confident that you are ordering factory direct. We have over 62 years of experience in the manufacturing industry and our rotary broach tools are guaranteed to be accurate as our parts are precision ground with a target tolerance of +0/-.0005. We offer a large selection of Hex Rotary Broach Tools, Square Rotary Broach Tools, Torx Rotary Broach Tools and Special Form Rotary Broach Tools.

Hex Rotary Broaches

View our large selection of hex rotary broach sizes.

Hexagon Rotary Broach Tools

We offer a large selection of in-stock Hex Rotary Broach Tools.Hex Broaches
Square Rotary Broaches with 8mm Shank

Square Rotary Broaches

View our large selection of square rotary broach sizes.

Square Rotary Broach Tools

We offer a large selection of in-stock Square Rotary Broach Tools.Square Broaches
Torx Rotary Broach Sizes

Torx Rotary Broaches

View our large selection of torx® rotary broach sizes.

Torx Rotary Broach Tools

We offer a large selection of in-stock Torx Rotary Broach Tools.Torx Broaches

Standard rotary broach shapes such as Hexagon, Square & Torx are always in stock and will be shipped same day. Steel and Coating options are also available as well as custom cut lengths, tolerances, overall length, dish angle, corner radius and flat location.

Rotary broach tools larger than .079 across the flats include a pressure relief vent hole at no cost. This standard feature helps reduce pressure build up caused by coolant or cutting oil while broaching a blind hole.


Polygon Solutions, Inc. is the only ISO 9001:2008 certified company specializing in the design and manufacture of rotary broaches and rotary broach tool holders. This certification guarantees that our quality management system is set to the highest standards via approved and documented processes.

Tool Material Options

Our tools can be ordered from M-2, M-42, PM M-4 or PM T-15 High Speed Steel.

M-2 Rotary Broach Tool Material
PM M-4 Rotary Broach Tool Material
PM T-15 Rotary Broach Tool Material
M-42 Rotary Broach Tool Material

Coating Options

Coatings can be added for extended tool life: TiN or TiCN, and Alcrona Pro

TiN Coating for Rotary Broaches
TiCN Coating for Rotary Broaches


Rotary Broaches

Our technical support department will assist you through the entire rotary broaching process if needed. From set up to finished product we will guide you along the way and answer any questions and address and problems that you may encounter. Rotary broaches are widely used by the aerospace, medical, automotive, plumbing and fastener industries. Call us to see if rotary broaching is right for your project: 239-628-4800 or fax a print to us for a free quote: 239-628-4801.

Custom form rotary broach tools can also be manufactured according to your exact specifications. Such special forms include Double Square, Double Hex, Double D, Involute, Spline, Serration, Spur Gear, Six Lobed or Star, and Keyway.

Special Rotary Broaching Forms

These broaching tools can be used on any horizontal or spindle machines such as cnc lathes, mills, etc, and can be used in such material as aluminum, brass, steel, titanium, plastic and many other materials.

Rotary Broach Custom Options

Rotary Broach Custom Across the Flats
Broaches can be ordered in custom dimensions. Can’t find the size you’re looking for? Polygon Solutions provides fast delivery on custom sizes. Simply specify the desired across flat dimension when ordering. Polygon’s manufacturing tolerance is +0/-.0005”. For example, a custom broach with 0.1234” across flat dimension is part number H01234B.
Rotary Broach Custom Broaching Depth
If you need to cut deeper than our standard dimensions, perhaps to clear a counter-bore, you can request a custom cut length. Custom cut lengths may be limited by the back-taper on the side of the broach, or manufacturing limitations. Please call (239) 628-4800 for more information.
Rotary Broach Custom Rake Angle
Custom rake angles can be produced to help with cutting tougher materials such as titanium or stainless steel.
Single vent holes are standard with rotary broach forms larger than .079″ and allow air and/or fluid to pass though the hex broach and reduce any hydraulic pressure that may occur when broaching a blind hole. Polygon’s premier tool holder is also designed with this feature. However, an additional cross vent hole can be added for holders without the pressure relief system.
Rotary Broach Custom Dimensions
All of Polygon Solution’s rotary broaches are manufactured with a +0/-.0005” tolerance. However, broaches can be manufactured to a tighter +0/-.0004” tolerance. If you want to use the broach as a gauge, the hex broach can also be manufactured without a back-taper. For more information, see Rotary Broach Gauges.
Custom Corner Radius
If you part allows for a corner radius, we can add a spun ground diameter to the broach to remove the sharp corners. The spun ground diameter is useful for reducing the chip size and pressure required for long tool life and successful rotary broaching operations.