Double Square Rotary Broach Tool

Double Square Rotary BroachDouble square rotary broach shapes are popular forms used for driving a custom made socket with a socket wrench. Typical examples would include sockets made for deep distances or custom forms. Square drivers can be used in more positions with a double square hole, and double square socket bits provide more engagement.

Double square rotary broach tools are all custom made as no international standard exists. However, most are made to the customer’s specified dimensions for standard socket drivers. These are the same dimensions used for many of Polygon Solutions’ standard square broaches.

Oversize pilot holes are required for all double square rotary broaching applications. The pilot hole will leave a small radius at the inside corners. This radius is often acceptable because contact is still made at the outside corners.

Due to manufacturing limitations, there is a small radius on the broach at the inside corner of a double square. However, this radius cannot be found in the finished product because the oversize pilot hole diameter removes part material in this area. The oversize pilot hole is critical to creating separated chips while broaching and reducing the pressure required to cut the form.

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