Missing Teeth Rotary Broach Tool

Missing Teeth Rotary BroachMachining splines or serrations with missing teeth is needed for various connectors and fittings. A missing tooth from a multi tooth form can create alignment or add a security feature. Machining these forms with rotary broaching tools saves time and money and eliminates secondary operations.

Most special rotary broaching tools are custom made to customer requirements. Dimensions for splines and serrations include the major and minor diameter, pitch and root diameter, and tooth angles. The critical dimension is the tooth height, or amount of material removed per side.

Set-up requirements for custom rotary broaching tools are the same as for standard broaches. A chamfer and oversize pilot hole are required. Room for chips is also required. Speeds and feeds are also approximately the same.

However, if the missing tooth needs to be aligned to another feature on the part, then some type of alignment feature is required like our rotary broaching brake alignment tool. The rotary broach tool holder has a free turning spindle and does not include any alignment. Most rotary broaching applications are for hex or square holes at the end of a shaft for driving purposes and alignment is not required.

Alignment can be achieved in number of ways. The broach can be aligned manually. However, manual alignment (or clocking) is not ideal for a production setting.

The rotary broach brake is an innovative tool developed by Polygon Solutions Inc. that holds the broach in place after it is removed from the hole. The brake needs to be aligned for the first part. Thereafter, as long as the machine spindle is stopped before removing the broach, it can be presented at the orientation to the part every time.

Another alignment option is the guide post. In a mill, the guide post can be set up with a dog attached to the rotary broach tool holder. As the dog moves along the guide post it aligns the broach as it is presented to the pilot hole.

Rotary broaching is a fast and accurate method of creating custom and special forms and eliminating secondary operations. A rotary broach tool holder and custom broach can be used in most turning machines. Forward your drawing to Polygon Solutions for a quote and more information.

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