square rotary broach diagram

Square Micro Rotary Broaches (8mm Shank Diameter x 28mm Length)

Polygon Solutions’ 8mm shank x 28mm overall length square rotary broaches are precision ground with a tolerance of +0/-.0005. Each nominal size conforms to the industry standard – ANSI B18.3 2003. All 8mm shank diameter x 28mm overall length square rotary broach tools include a pressure relief vent hole that allows air and fluid to freely escape during the rotary broaching process to reduce wear on your machine and extend rotary broach tool life.

Download Hex Rotary Broach Brochure8mm Shank Diameter x 28mm Overall Length
All Broaches Larger than 5/64″ Include Pressure Relief Vent Hole

Nominal Size
Flats (A)
Depth (B)
Vent Hole
Price Order
.050″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .0510 .102 S00510C $49.00 .050 square micro rotary broach
1/16″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .0635 .127 S00635C $49.00 1/16 square micro rotary broach
5/64″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .0790 .158

S00790C $49.00 5/64 square micro rotary broach
3/32″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .0950 .190

S00950C $49.00 3/32 square micro rotary broach
7/64″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1110 .222

S01110C $49.00 7/64 square micro rotary broach
1/8″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1265 .253

S01265C $49.00 1/8 square micro rotary broach
9/64″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1425 .285

S01425C $49.00 9/64 square micro rotary broach
5/32″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1585 .317

S01585C $49.00 5/32 square micro rotary broach
11/64″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1740 .348

S01740C $49.00 11/64 square micro rotary broach
3/16″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .1895 .379

S01895C $49.00 3/16 square micro rotary broach
7/32″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .2215 .443

S02215C $49.00 7/32 square micro rotary broach
1/4″ Square Micro Rotary Broach .2525 .505

S02525C $49.00 1/4 square micro rotary broach
Nominal Size
Flats (A)
Depth (B)
Vent Hole
Price Order
1.30mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .0515 .103 S00515C $49.00 1.3mm square micro rotary broach
1.50mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .0610 .122 S00610C $49.00 1.5mm square micro rotary broach
2mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .0810 .162

S00810C $49.00 2mm square micro rotary broach
2.50mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .1010 .202

S01010C $49.00 2.5mm square micro rotary broach
3mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .1210 .242

S01210C $49.00 3mm square micro rotary broach
4mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .1610 .322

S01610C $49.00 4mm square micro rotary broach
5mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .2000 .400

S02000C $49.00 5mm square micro rotary broach
6mm Square Micro Rotary Broach .2400 .480

S02400C $49.00 6mm square micro rotary broach

Square Rotary Broach Custom Options

Square Rotary Broach Custom Dimensions
Our Square Rotary Broaches can be ordered in custom dimensions. Can’t find the size you’re looking for? Polygon Solutions provides fast delivery on custom ½” or 8mm shank square rotary broaches. Simply specify the desired across flat dimension when ordering. Polygon’s manufacturing tolerance is +0/-.0005”. For example, a custom square broach with 0.1234” across flat dimension is part number S01234B.
Square Rotary Broach Custom Broaching Depth
If you need a square rotary broach to cut deeper than our standard dimensions, perhaps to clear a counter-bore, you can request a custom cut length. Custom cut lengths may be limited by the back-taper on the side of the square broach, or manufacturing limitations. Please call (239) 628-4800 for more information. Rotary broaching more than 1-2x the across flat dimension may not be successful. Broaches may also be weakened because of a deeper cut length.
Square Rotary Broach Custom Rake Angle
The standard rake angle (also called the dish angle) is critical to help the chip curl while rotary broaching. However, the rake angle can be modified to suit specific materials. For example, some softer materials may require a steeper angle. Broaching tougher materials may be improved with less, or no rake angle. Please call (239) 628-4800 for more information.
Pressure Relief Vent Hole
Single vent holes are standard with square rotary broach forms larger than .079″ and allow air and/or fluid to pass though the hex broach and reduce any hydraulic pressure that may occur when broaching a blind hole. Polygon’s rotary broach tool holder is also designed with this feature. However, an additional cross vent hole can be added for holders without the pressure relief system.
Square Rotary Broach Custom Dimensions
All of Polygon Solution’s square rotary broaches are manufactured with a +0/-.0005” tolerance. However, square broaches can be manufactured to a tighter +0/-.0004” tolerance. If you want to use the broach as a gauge, the square broach can also be manufactured without a back-taper. For more information, see Rotary Broach Gauges.
Custom Corner Radius
If you part allows for a corner radius, we can add a spun ground diameter to the square broach to remove the sharp corners. The spun ground diameter is useful for reducing the chip size and pressure required for long tool life and successful rotary broaching operations.