Torx Rotary Broach Diagram

Hexalobular Rotary Broaches (8mm Shank Diameter x 28mm Length)

Polygon Solutions’ 8mm x 28mm overall length shank 6-lobed / hexalobular micro Swiss rotary broaches are precision ground. All of our 8mm x 28mm overall length shank 6-lobed / hexalobular micro Swiss rotary broach tools include a pressure relief vent hole that allows air and fluid to freely escape during the rotary broaching process which reduces wear on your machine and extends the rotary broach tool life.

The six lobed / hexalobular internal driving feature is ideal for fasteners such as bolts and screws. The six lobe design gives strength to the driver and is resistant to stripping. Broaches are designed to meet international hexalobular standards.

8mm Shank Diameter x 28mm Overall Length
All T-10 and Larger Rotary Broaches Include Pressure Relief Vent Hole.

Torx-Style Size Broaching
Nominal Dimensions
A           |           B
Part # Price Order
T2 Style Rotary Broach 0.71 0.99           |           0.71 T02C $399.00 Call To Order
T3 Style Rotary Broach 0.86 1.18           |           0.86 T03C $299.00 Call To Order
T4 Style Rotary Broach 0.97 1.34           |           0.97 T04C $299.00 Call To Order
T5 Style Rotary Broach 1.08 1.48           |           1.08 T05C $299.00 T6 torx rotary broach
T6 Style Rotary Broach 1.90 1.75           |           1.27 T06C $249.00 T6 torx rotary broach
T8 Style Rotary Broach 2.60 2.40           |           1.75 T08C $249.00 T8 torx rotary broach
T10 Style Rotary Broach 3.05 2.80           |           2.05 T10C $224.00 T10 torx rotary broach
T15 Style Rotary Broach 3.60 3.35           |           2.40 T15C $224.00 T15 torx rotary broach
T20 Style Rotary Broach 4.25 3.95           |           2.85 T20C $224.00 T20 torx rotary broach
T25 Style Rotary Broach 4.85 4.50           |           3.25 T25C $224.00 T25 torx rotary broach