Rotary Broaching Aerospace Fastener

Polygon Solutions’ custom rotary broaching tools are ideal for the exacting manufacturing standards required in the aerospace segment. Special sizes, tolerances, forms and gauges are manufactured to suit various AIA, NAS and SAE standards for specialized connectors and fasteners. For example, serration broaches for ring locked fluid connections similar to Rosan, Alcoa, AS1300, PS10035 and Fairchild Fasteners can also be produced to work in Polygon’s standard rotary broaching tool holders.

Rotary broaching uses the full force of standard turning machines to create polygon shaped holes. These holes are manufactured in precision machined metal products. The aerospace industry has unique needs for customized, lightweight, precise and high-strength fastener products. This need makes the rotary broaching tool an excellent addition to any aerospace machining facility. Rotary broaches are available with standard hexagon, square and custom made shapes. Typical screws, bolts and other fasteners are made in mass production processes. Stamping or cold heading the form into the end of the part makes financial sense. However, in the case of smaller production needs, or prototype products, cold heading resources are not available. Since the rotary broaching tool holder is practical for use on any CNC, lathe or milling machine, it is the ideal tool for such work.



custom shape rotary broaches