Rotary Broaching in Fastener Industry

How many fasteners do you think there are in a bicycle, an automobile, or an airplane? The millions of fasteners used every day require various shapes and sizes to apply proper torque and tension. Different rotary broaches can be used to make many of the smaller forms required for fasteners. Changing the rotary broach is very simple, requiring only the loosening of a set screw in the rotary broaching tool holder. After the required broach is placed into the spindle, the set screw is tightened and the tool is ready to make the next part. Standard and custom broaches are designed to meet ANSI, ASME, IFI and ISO fastener standards.

Most fasteners are screws, nails, staples and other retaining devices used to hold mechanical pieces or materials together. Most are mass produced in very high volume processes requiring little customizing or precision. The need for precision fasteners does exist however, and these are the parts that can benefit from rotary broaching tools. A wide variety of industries require precision made fasteners. The medical industry uses bone screws and other fixation devices that are often held to very high standards for good reason. No one wants to hear that a screw stripped while tightening it into the femur, especially the patient. Hardware manufacturers make specialty handles and hinges requiring screws of various lengths and visual appearance. Aerospace fasteners may be fabricated from exotic lightweight and high strength materials. Brass plumbing screws may be customized for strength, length, flow and visual appearance.



custom shape rotary broaches