Rotary Broaching in Plumbing Industry

Rotary broaching tools work best for small, shallow forms in aluminum, brass and mild steel. The plumbing and fluid power industries rely on an assortment of valves, fittings and connectors. Many of these items have features perfect for machining with rotary broaches. The most common forms for plumbing fixtures are hexagons and squares. Polygon Solutions’ rotary broaching tools are a great upgrade for the well maintained screw machines often used to manufacture these high volume products.

The plumbing industry’s use of brass parts for hydraulic, pneumatic, and liquid transfer makes rotary broaching a popular option for machining. Hexagon and square holes can easily be created in brass with standard rotary broaching tools. High volume machines, such as CNC and screw machines, can economically use these tools to create thousands of parts per broach.



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