Rotary Broaching Medical Bone Screws

As the number of orthopedic devices and implants continues to grow, so does the use of rotary broaching tools. Medical manufacturing’s use of tough materials like stainless steel and titanium requires advanced tooling solutions for creating driving features, such as those specified in the ISO 10664 standard. Polygon Solutions continues to develop and manufacture cutting edge solutions, including punch broaching tools, use of cobalt M-42 and ASP-30 broach material, and innovative tool geometry.

Rotary broaching has numerous uses in the Medical Industry including bone screw and implant applications with hexagon, Torx® style, six-lobe or hexalobular drive features. Due to the demanding nature of the medical field for reliability in surgical procedures, machining standards for surgical equipment tend to be very precise compared to other similar size and material metal parts. Various grades of stainless steel, titanium and other exotic and experimental materials are used to make these bone screws and implant fasteners. Rotary Broaching makes an easy job of putting a shape in the head of a bone screw made with such materials. The rotary broach tool holder is designed for use in all modern turning machines.



custom shape rotary broaches