Broach Tool Holders


One of the most critical aspects of rotary broaching is choosing the proper rotary broach tool holder for your project. Your broaching needs such as form diameter and broach depth will dictate which tool holder is required. Your machine footprint will also play a role in choosing a tool holder. For Swiss machines like the Citizen, Tsugami or Star, which have a smaller tool envelopes, you may want to choose our Micro Broach Tool Holder.

Rotary Broach Tool HoldersMost of the tool holders on the market today were designed 50 years ago and do not utilize today’s design and bearing technologies. Some require timely set-ups to ensure that the broach is on center with your part and all require some form of hourly greasing which adds to machine downtime and ultimately affects profitability.

Polygon Solutions’ rotary broaching tool holders offer an award-winning innovate design like no other on the market. Our tool holders are 100% adjustment-free and 100% maintenance-free. Unlike any of our competitors, we use high quality FAG sealed bearings that require no hourly greasing. All other broach holders on the market require you to stop production every hour and grease their tool holder which causes unnecessary downtime and ultimately affects your bottom line. Further, if the machinists fails to grease the bearings of our competitors’ holders, the bearings fail and require replacing which could cause hours, if not days, of machine downtime.

Another unique feature only offered by Polygon Solutions is our pressure relief vent hole technology.  All of our tool holders include a pressure relief vent hole that, when used in conjunction with our rotary broaches, allow pressure built up from coolant, oil or air when broaching a blind hole to free escape.  This greatly reduces the stress on the broach providing longer tool life and requires less thrust from your machine. Every broach we manufacture (larger than .079″) includes a pressure relief vent hole at no additional charge. The benefits of this pressure relief technology are enormous.

rotary broach tool holder warranty

We are so confident in our tool holders that we offer a 1 year warranty against bearing or any other failure.
Not to worry, even after one year we can still rebuilt or replace the bearings in our tool holders.


Polygon Solutions’ offer a wide range of rotary broaching tool holders to suit your needs. Our tool holders will work in any CNC or Manual lathe, mill, screw machine or other turning centers.

  • We have a micro holder which is great for rotary broaching forms up to .250″ in Swiss machines that have a very small tool envelope.
  • Our Swiss holder is idea for Swiss machines like the Citizen, Star, Tsugami and others. This is ideal for broaching forms up to 1/2″.
  • Our GT Series, which is our most popular tool holder, is a fantastic holder for a variety of machines including Haas, Okuma, Mori Seiki, Mazak, Doosan and many others. This holder is capable of rotary broaching forms as large as 3/4″ in diameter and up to a depth of 1.00″. Our GT Series external rotary broach tool holder can broach external forms up to .600″.
  • Polygon’s HT Series heavy duty tool holder is idea for larger applications up to 2-1/2″ in diameter. This holder also allow you to broach up to a depth of 1.750″ The HT Series external tool holder is capable of broaching external forms up to 1.360″ in diameter.

Made in the USA at our brand new facility in sunny Florida, our tool holders are completely adjustment-free and require very little set-up.  Since they are engineered with the tip of the broach already on center, you only need to secure the holder in your tool block on any lathe or spindle on any mill and use your machine’s centerline. There is no need to indicate the tool holder or broach on center. A simple plug and play design makes for an extremely fast and accurate set-up.