Rotary Broaching Tools

Polygon Solutions’ Rotary Broaching Tools are precision ground to accurately and quickly cut internal and external hexagon, square, torx (six-lobed hexalobular), serrations, splines, rosan, double d, double hexagon, keyways, involute splines, triangle and other custom shapes into a workpeice.  Our Rotary Broaching Tools allow you to complete the entire operation in seconds on any lathe, mill, machining center or other turning machines with an accuracy of 0.0005″ (0.0127mm) or better.

Rotary Broaching Tools

Rotary Broaching Tools are widely used in the medical, aerospace, automotive, fasteners, plumbing and oil industries. Application examples of rotary broaching tools include small orthopedic fasteners (bone screws) in the medical industry, shafts with splines or serrations in the automotive, bicycle, motorcycle and aftermarket industries and complex connectors that need to be machined in the aerospace and electrical industries. Polygon’s rotary broaching tools are manufacturing at their facility in Fort Myers, Florida and sold to small and large manufacturing companies around the World.

Custom Rotary Broaching Tools

Special Rotary Broaching ToolsPolygon Solutions’ will manufacture custom internal and external rotary broaching tools based on your print and specifications. Custom rotary broaches can also be made to ANSI and SAE specifications. Examples of our popular custom forms include serrations, splines, involutes, keyways, double and singe d, Rosan, Torx, J500, rectangles, triangles and octagons.
We design and manufacture all of our rotary broaching tools in-house which enables us to provide extremely fast turn around time on special forms.


Hexagon Rotary Broaching Tools

Polygon offers a wide range of internal and external hex rotary broaching tools that conform to the ASME B18.3 2003and IFI standards. We inventory all common sizes and can make a custom size same day most of the time.  All of our hexagon rotary broaching tools larger than 5/64″ include a pressure relief vent hole at no additional charge. Click here complete list of our hex rotary broach sizes.