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Peter Bagwell is a Senior Product Engineer at Polygon Solutions, Inc.

Polygon extends global reach with new partner Bongo International

Polygon Solutions Inc. is a Fort Myers, Florida manufacturer who ships precision machine cutting tools called rotary broaches to customers around the world. To improve their customer experience and competitiveness, Polygon has chosen to partner with Bongo International, founded in 2007 to overcome the challenges associated with International Cross Border e-Commerce transactions by both […]

Rotary Broach Guide to Align Square Holes

Winners of National Manufacturing Day are Students

As part of their 2013 National Manufacturing Day event activities, rotary broach manufacturer Polygon Solutions Inc. had a plant tour, tested a new product, and sponsored a Design and Engineering Contest. Each of the students present from Lee Virtual School was eligible for the contest. The winners will receive Best Buy gift cards and […]

Fort Myers Manufacturer broaches Skilled Labor Shortage

Polygon Solutions Inc. is joining a growing grassroots movement of manufacturers dedicated to overcoming the shared challenges facing manufacturers today. The company is hosting an educational presentation and ‘Manufacturing Day’ plant tour for students of Lee Virtual School and members of the Southwest Regional Manufacturing Association for an interactive look inside a real manufacturing […]

Squares are not bad

If you’re used to rotary broaching hexagon forms, the idea of broaching squares may seem fairly straightforward. However, due to the smaller number of corners and larger corner-to-corner dimension, broaching squares does have some challenges. Here’s a couple ideas that make broaching squares easier:

1. Larger pilot hole diameter

When broaching hexagons, we recommend using a 3% […]

Polygon makes impact with Micro Punch Broach

Polygon Solutions Inc. is expanding it’s inventory of micro rotary broaching tools. Rotary broaching tools are popular cutting tools used in the precision machining industry. Broaches can be used to make hexagon, square and custom shapes in various materials using a lathe, mill or other turning machine.
Most rotary broaching applications in aluminum and brass […]

Rotary Broaching Basics

If you’re new to rotary broaching and just want to know the basics, keep these few points in mind:

1. Chamfer to the sharp corners of the broach

2. Oversize pilot hole (3% for hexagons, 10% for squares)

3. Leave room for chips in the bottom of the hole


These suggestions also apply to rotary broaching stainless steel:

1. […]

Improved Process for Medical Implant Broaching

Polygon Solutions Inc. – Fort Myers, Fla.  – Innovation in orthopedic medical implants continues to improve. As a result, manufacturing processes required to make those parts are adapting. Polygon Solutions Inc. manufactures rotary broach cutting tools for the precision machining industry, and is expanding their product line to include innovative tools used for machining […]

Polygon makes Micro Hexagon Broach

This is Polygon Solution’s smallest hexagon broach yet. (.028″ across flats x 8mm shank x 1.25″ length)

Southwest Florida Manufacturer credits Partnership, Medical Industry for Growth

Polygon Solutions Inc. celebrated a new product announcement with a special factory tour and open house event June 10, 2013. Polygon is a U.S. based manufacturer of rotary broach cutting tools, used by machinists to make precision metal products like bone screws and custom fasteners. Polygon continues to grow since opening in Fort Myers, […]