Rotary Broach Tools

3-in-1 Lean Manufacturing Rotary Broach Form Drill

Polygon Solution’s innovative rotary broach form drill brings lean manufacturing to hexagon and square hole manufacturing.

Fort Myers, FL – Polygon Solution’s Rotary Broach Form Drill is a new tool used to improve manufacturing processes used in rotary broaching. Rotary broaching is a machining technique used to create hexagon and square holes in metals and […]

Letter Broach Fits Rotary Broach Tool Holder

Polygon Solution’s Letter Broach is a new cutting tool used to create letters or numbers in metal parts. The Letter Broach is used in a rotary broach tool holder and is driven in a rotary motion around a fixed pivot point. This rotary motion reduces wear on the cutting tool, and eliminates secondary operations. […]

Rotary Broach for Nylon

This YouTube video shows 10mm hex being machined in Nylon. Typical speeds, feeds and part preparation can be used. Rotary broaching is ideal for aluminum, brass and mild steel but can also be used for various plastic materials and nylon.

Polygon Solution’s new Rotary Broaching Brake

Rotary broaching is fantastic for making small forms like hexagons and squares in soft materials like aluminum, brass and mild steel. However, when it comes to aligning multiple holes using a rotary broaching tool, the operation becomes extremely challenging. Most rotary broach holders have a free turning spindle which does not allow for alignment […]

Broaching 3/4″ Square in Aluminum

Rotary broaching is ideal for making small polygon shaped forms in soft metals. Soft metals include brass, aluminum and mild steel. Polygon Solution’s standard catalog includes hex broaches 3/8″ and smaller, and square broaches 8mm and smaller. But what if you need to broach a form larger than these sizes, such as the 3/4″ […]

Rotary Broach Holder at HMTS 2012

Polygon Solution’s new GT Series Rotary Broaching Tool Holder was featured at the 2012 Hardinge Machine Technology Show in Elmira, NY in June 2012. The broach holder and broaches are making parts on the GX 1000 Vertical Machining Center.

Rotary broaches are ideal for making small internal forms in a variety of metal parts. Broach holders […]

100 Tooth Serration Rotary Broach

This picture shows a 100 tooth serration cutting tool made by Polygon Solutions Inc., Fort Myers, FL. The rotary broach is used to create a 1″ diameter hole with teeth in an aluminum part. Custom rotary broaches are made by Polygon Solutions Inc. to fit most standard rotary broach holders and may also be […]

Polygon Solutions accepts 2012 ML100 Award

Polygon Solutions Inc. is among the distinguished list of winning recipients of the eighth annual Manufacturing Leadership 100 Awards.  Polygon Solution’s new Premium Rotary Broach Holder project was selected by Manufacturing Executive, the global community for manufacturing leadership and producer of the Manufacturing Leadership Summit and ML100 Awards program. The Manufacturing Executive portfolio of […]

Testing Rotary Broaches

Jeroen used an 8mm shank rotary broach from Polygon Solutions Inc. to test his home made broach holder. The whole story is captured at Home Model Engine Machinist website.

The 8mm shank broach is held in the 10mm bore using a sleeve. Standard hexagon and square broaches are available from Polygon Solutions for immediate delivery.

Rotary Broach Gages/Gauges

Polygon Solutions is adding broach gauges to their line of machine cutting tools. Broach gauges can be used to make sure that the size of the hexagon or square hole has been machined properly. Broach gauges are held to tight tolerances.

Polygon’s broach gauges are made as GO and NOGO pairs. Each gauge (or gage) is designed to be […]